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We've handpicked the most popular sessions from IG Summit '22 and '23 to give you the action plans you need to grow an ultra-profitable brand on IG and scale faster. For only $10.

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Total sales made over $300K in one day with Manychat. With the knowledge I learn today, I want to take it to $1M+”
jay jadhavar
Fantastic session — actionable, easy to follow, great presenter A+”
kathleen Ross
Since signing up for this summit, I have been building the many chat automations for my business. Been loving it so far”
Whitney Aguon
This session has me feeling empowered! 🙌”
Shanta King

From the world's best minds

Jenna Kutcher
Podcaster, NYT Bestselling Author, Digital Marketer, Speaker & Educator

A celebrated entrepreneur and influential speaker, known for her commitment to embracing imperfections and empowering individuals to pursue their dreams. As the founder and CEO of multiple successful ventures, she has become a trailblazer in the digital realm, inspiring countless followers with her authentic approach to life and business.

Amy Porterfield
Founder, NYT Bestselling Author of Two Weeks Notice, Host of "Online Marketing Made Easy"

Author of the New York Times bestselling book Two Weeks Notice and CEO of a multimillion-dollar business. Through her best-selling book, digital courses, and top-ranked marketing podcast Online Marketing Made Easy, Amy has helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs turn in their two weeks’ notice and trade burnout for freedom, income, and impact.

Mike Yan
Co-Founder and CEO, Manychat

Mike Yan, co-founder and CEO of ManyChat - the #1 Chat Marketing platform helping over 1 million businesses in 190 countries around the world revolutionize how they communicate with their customers. ManyChat enables businesses to leverage Messenger by Facebook, Instagram Automation, SMS, and email for marketing, sales, and support.

Brock Johnson
Instagram Strategist and CEO of the InstaClubHub

Brock Johnson has coached thousands of creators on how to grow on Instagram since launching his coaching business in 2018. In 2021, his personal following blew up thanks to his Reels Strategies and he has grown at a rate of approximately 1,000 followers per day. He now has over 600k followers, consults with Meta and Instagram staff, and is an international keynote speaker.

Mya Nichol
Business Coach and Instagram Strategist

Mya Nichol is a highly-sought after Instagram Marketing Expert & Sustainable Business Coach who has taught over 5,000 students worldwide. She works with service-based businesses to attract their ideal customer, grow their social media presence, and create a sustainable content and business strategy that leads to high-income months.

Adley Kinsman
CEO, Viralish

Adley is one of the most-viewed female producers in Facebook and Snapchat's history, continuously averaging over 1 billion monthly views. She is the CEO and Founder of Story House Media and VIRALISH, a Creator collective based in Nashville, TN helping brands and creators integrate themselves into viral communities at scale.

Vilma Núñez
CEO, Convert More Group, Chancellor at American Business University

Vilma is considered the best marketer in the Spanish speaking market, helping over 1,000,000 visitors every month with her website and 5-6 million with her Social Media. Vilma has trained Fortune 500 companies like Dell in digital sales, as well as 4,000,000 professionals. Most Spanish-speaking business schools and universities use Vilma's methodologies for their classes.

Anneke Odendaal
Reels Expert, Founder of Pinksparrowsocial

Anneke is a Reels expert and the founder of Pink Sparrow Social. Anneke grew her following from 1k to 100k in less than 3 months just from Reels and all without paid ads. She has helped thousands of business owners, coaches and entrepreneurs learn how to use Reels to grow and monetise their business on Instagram.

Gabriel Padilla
Founder, Premier Scaling

A multifaceted entrepreneur and social media influencer, Gabriel Padilla built a 7-figure e-commerce company with his business partner in just a year, now fully automating sales through ManyChat. Gabriel is now leveraging his expertise on bridging automation and authenticity through his agency Premier Scaling, revolutionizing e-learning with automated conversational marketing.

Natasha Willis
Co-Founder and COO, School of Bots

Natasha Willis is the co-founder of School of Bots, where she and her team have generated over $50,000,000 in revenue for clients like Russell Brunson, Jenna Kutcher, Amy Porterfield, Mindvalley, and more with "Chat Funnels." School of Bots helps online businesses generate highly qualified leads and more sales on Instagram DM, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

Trilce Jirón Garro
CEO, TBS Marketing

Trilce Jirón Garro, a powerhouse from Costa Rica, is revolutionizing Instagram sales funnels with her FRANK system. An 8-figure entrepreneur & leading expert, her strategies help clients triple their sales overnight, and guarantee unbelievable results for sales teams.

Dave Talas
Co-Founder, VP of Education at Promptmaster

Entrepreneur & educator with expertise in Instagram and digital marketing, online education and brand building. Taught more than 10K+ students online.

Angela Allan
Owner and Founder, Mads Collective Group

Angela Allan is an award-winning marketing consultant and journalist who has written for Rolling Stone, FHM, Australian Penthouse, and Fairfax Media publications.

Marketing Harry
Social Media Marketing Expert

Social media marketing expert who combines user psychology with a deep understanding of technology to build personal brands that dominate their market - the no-BS and data-driven way.

Sadie Nardini
CEO, SadieNardini LLC

Sadie Nardini is a leading digital yoga, fitness, wellness and lifestyle entrepreneur. She is NOT tech-savvy, yet makes a 6 figure income doing what she loves, and automating the rest. She lives in Santa Barbara, California with her 3 kitties Bowie, Freddie and Annie.

Amberlea Henriques
CEO, AdSocial

Amberlea Henriques, the CEO of AdSocial, an award-winning Australian agency, is a trusted ManyChat Ambassador and Meta consultant. With an advanced understanding of how to create interactive marketing campaigns using automation, Amberlea has particpated in mulitple Instagram beta rounds positioning her at the forefront of Instagram features, using ManyChat.

Lattice Hudson
Founder & CEO Of Lattice & Co.

Lattice is a business coach, leadership mentor and social sales expert. Lattice is on a mission to help women make more money, increase their impact all while living a life that they love. Lattice specializes in helping online coaches start & scale their online coaching business to 6 - 7 figures.

Christos Nikas
Content Strategist

Christos is a content strategist, coach, speaker, and owner of multiple businesses. He works with service & knowledge-based businesses worldwide, turning their Social Media accounts into memorable (personal) brands. Get ready to transform your ordinary content into a powerhouse of growth, influence, impact, new leads, and income.

Mario Moreno
CEO/Founder of Moonrise Social Club

Mario Moreno (@followmario) is a brand marketer with 12 years of experience working for major retail brands – GUESS, Forever 21, L’Oreal USA and H&M. Mario currently owns his own agency, Moonrise Social Club where he consults with brands on how to build modern, results-driven marketing and social media plans.

Monique Lombardo
Founder of The Socialista and Co-Creator of Rise With Reels

Monique is a Social Media, Reels and Marketing Coach helping businesses create a stellar Instagram presence to become the go-to in their industry and turn their followers into dollars!

Ashley Ann
Biz Builder, TEDx Speaker, & Social Media Strategist

Ashley Ann, also known as King Ashley Ann, is a talented biz builder, public speaker, and social media strategist. Ashley has helped over 11,000 individuals monetize their social media and over 700 people create 6 figure incomes. She has also helped over 1000 businesses generate $25K- $45K per month using Live Stream.

Charlene Ormo
Co-Founder, After Click Media

Charlene Ormo is a Chatbot Marketing Expert to multi-million dollar businesses. With her mission to help 7+ figure businesses make more money and dominate their market, she co-founded After Click Media. It's a digital marketing agency that helps businesses flood their pipeline with leads in record breaking time. 

Dot Lung
Mother of Social Dragons

Dot Lung helps creatives leverage social media to grow their careers. At 25, she created the 6 elements of her DRAGON Formula that helped her craft irresistible content to attract her dream clients. Today, she is well-known as the "Mother of Social Dragons" and boasts 78,000 students in her online courses.

Seth Godin
Bestselling Author, Teacher, & Entrepreneur

Seth is the author of 20 best selling books, the founder of the altMBA and The Akimbo Workshops, and has founded several companies, including Yoyodyne and Squidoo. His blog is one of the most popular in the world. His podcast is in the top 1% of all podcasts worldwide. In 2018, he was inducted into the Marketing Hall of Fame.

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Access real-world insights to turn comments into cashflow, cultivate your community, and sell more on Instagram - using tactics experts swear by.


Industry power players will hand you insider knowledge on AI-driven tools and methods to optimize your online store and streamline your content creation process.


Get a crash course in Instagram automation strategies, frameworks, and tactics that are working right now - handpicked for established brands and creators.


Discover how to use Instagram as a traffic engine 24/7 to attract and convert more leads, and skyrocket your sales without shelling out thousands of dollars on ads that just don't convert.


Get a crash course in Instagram automation strategies, frameworks, and tactics that are working right now - handpicked for established brands and creators.


Get a crash course in Instagram automation strategies, frameworks, and tactics that are working right now - handpicked for established brands and creators.

15+ hours of knowledge you can apply today


What is Instagram Summit: Greatest Hits?

We've handpicked the most popular sessions from Instagram Summit 2022 and 2023 to give you on-demand access to the hard-hitting insights and foolproof action plans you need to grow an ultra-profitable brand on IG and scale faster without the roadblocks.

Instagram Summit: Greatest Hits gives you instant access to masterclasses from 25 world-renowned marketers, strategists, founders, and trendsetters ready to reveal their revenue-generating secrets to take you from zero to 500,000 followers (and beyond) and $50M+ in sales on Instagram.

What is Instagram Summit?

Instagram Summit is Manychat’s flagship virtual event. Designed for established creators and eCommerce brands, our 100% virtual event delivers the must-have strategies from Meta, as well as the hottest hyper-growth and AI strategies from experts who have grown their Instagram accounts to 1M followers and beyond.

How long do I have access?

You have access to all 25 sessions in Instagram Summit: Greatest Hits for 12 months.

I’ve never heard of Manychat. Can you tell me more about the company behind this event?

Manychat is the leading Chat Marketing platform that helps brands drive more sales and conversions on Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger using automation.

Manychat is an official Meta Business Partner and is fully approved for use by Instagram. As an official Meta partner, we only support the use of the platform in ways that are in full compliance with the official Meta guidelines.

More than 1 million business use Manychat for turn conversations into sales, in 170+ countries worldwide. In fact, we power more than 1 billion+ conversations each year.

What is your refund policy?

No refunds for Instagram Summit: Greatest Hits will be offered. All purchases are final.

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Total sales made over $300K in one day with Manychat. With the knowledge I learn today, I want to take it to $1M+”
Jay Jadhavar
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